Russ Does Cairns to Karumba

After seven days and 780 kilometres of gruelling determination we are pleased to announce Russ made it to Karumba by push bike! How proud are we of such a remarkable achievement?  Congratulations on such a wonderful effort and to ride in pack two with a young team of fit riders makes it doubly so.

Days ranged between 90 and the biggest day of 156 kilometres certainly saw some tired muscles and a somewhat tender butt at times but to raise over $1300 for charity seemed all to be worth it. Another remarkable achievement that we have to mention is the annual racing of the train between Croydon and Normanton. This year pack two nailed it averaging 37 kilometres an hour for the 156 kilometres. Not bad for a 31-degree day work out.
We met some great friends along the way and experienced all the outback has to offer, endless sunsets, crisp starry nights, glorious sunrises, birdlife like no other and gorgeous sunny blue skies.
We won’t ask him if he’ll do it again for a while. But he’s done it twice now and next year its C2K’s twentieth year……. We’ll keep you posted….