Bird watching in Cairns | Cairns Crystal Cascades Holiday Park

Bird watching in Cairns

There are many opportunities to sight rare and migratory bird species throughout the city and region.
Did you know our park with it’s stunning World Heritage Rainforest has many visiting bird watchers visit from all over the world? Two bird species occasionally sighted in the rainforest adjacent to the park are The Buff Breasted Paradise Kingfisher and the Noisy Pitta with it’s electric blue on it’s wings.

There are many places in Cairns which specialize in Bird watching opportunities:


Tips: When viewing any wildlife, one’s chances of viewing will increase by following these simple procedures

  1. It is recommended to wearing cool comfortable natural colored clothing
  2. To avoid any sudden movements this may disturb birds and wildlife
  3. And to keep all noise including footsteps to a minimum

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