Our Top Swimming Spots | Cairns Crystal Cascades Holiday Park

Our Top Swimming Spots

If you are looking for a spot to cool off and don’t fancy the salty sea then how about these for options:

#1 Crystals Cascades Waterfalls:

Located just up the road from us are these spectacular waterfalls. Gorgeous rainforest and chilly crystal clear water is pure bliss on a steamy tropical day.

#2 The Rocks swimming hole

Located just at the rear of our park. A well known local favourite. Spectacular birds and butterflies abound.

#3 The Boulders:

Located on the South of Cairns at Babinda are these beautiful swimming holes. They hold great significance for the local aboriginal people as well.

#4 Malanda Falls

Located up on the Tablelands in the Cairns Highlands. cool air and stunning waterfalls with a pool at the base to cool off in. Well worth the drive to experience.

#5 Lake Eacham:

Located on the Atherton Tablelands is this stunning secluded volcanic lake. Pristine waters and sandy edges make for a perfect picnic spot also.

#6 Esplanade Lagoon:

Not far from the park and such a beautiful setup! life guards on duty here all day. Lagoon closed of a night though sorry.

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